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Greetings adventurer,

old legends telling us about an old kingdom named Ozolan. We heard that a lot of folks couldn't find a way into the inner kingdom. Do you have what it need to find the answer?

"Fall of Chulua - The Lost Treasure" sets you in an old nordic, dwarfish world where you explore the history about this old mystic place. This story driven game let you take the role of the adventurer "Runar", a fearless dwarf.

You play the first story line with 2h to 3h of content in different environments like a mine, quary and forge.

Have some fun with it and let us know if you like the game / idea or not. 


  • 2-3h of content
  • Ingame tutorial
  • Crafting / building
  • Build structures to solve quests or find a way
  • 3 different places / environments
  • Professional voice acting

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 7 64bit and above


  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Gamepad (XCE360)

System Requirements:

  • min. 2,2GB Hard drive
  • min. 2048GB RAM
  • DirectX11
  • min. 2048MB Graphic RAM
  • min. 2,4GHz CPU

Do you have questions, notes or want to report a bug? Please contact us at


This game is free to play but if you want to support our development with a small donation we would really appreciate it.

Thank you all!


Heideland GameWorks Team


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Fall Of Chulua Win64 Installer 1,022 MB
Version 1


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I played a bit and some quick feedback. At least for me when I try and load, the game crashes (Fatal Error). Also, it would be great to have a volume slider for the music, so we can hear the voiceover better, and can the camera be free the whole time, not only when stationary? :)

Hi Cryptic Hybrid,

thank you for your reply!

1. Can you please describe the fatal error a bit more in detail? Which steps have you done (from installation)?

2. A volume slider for the music should not be a problem.

3. The camera part is more tricky and would need a couple of changes. We have to see if we can get the resources to take look onto it. I can't promise that this will be changed.

Kind regards 


Well, the error is as vague as it can get. Basically, I installed, played, exited to the menu, exited the game, went back in and when I click load.. this happens. The music continues playing but as soon as I click Ok... back in the desktop. If there's an error log generated please tell me where I can find it. :) 

Ok thank you. I will check if I can reproduce the error.

I also get the FATAL error on loading. Played yesterday evening, now wanted to continue. 

You can find the UE4 Crashreport zipped here: https://c.gmx.net/@334030562350077263/CG1-vZ2XSBiycD3A2zvvzw

If you need more info, feel free to ask!

Thank you for the confirmation. I will investigate the error as soon as possible.